Customer Testimonials

Inspiring tales of apps and companies that Scalingo platform helped build and grow.


Saving developers time by reducing Ops intervention with the help of Scalingo
Besançon, France

HipTest has been hosted on Scalingo since December 2015 and today we can easily keep up an average of 1500 RPM!

Running Germany's largest online donation platform on Scalingo's Platform as a Service
Berlin, Germany

We scaled up to 20 XL containers and processed almost 500,000 € of viewer’s donations.


Supporting the growth of the biggest European platform dedicated to electromobility with…
Strasbourg, France

We can focus on what we should do the best: satisfying Chargemap's users.


The SaaS ERP for wine estates hosted on Scalingo
Dijon, France

It's like having a team of sysadmins and architects in your company for the price of an online service!


Building an IoT Platform for The Smart City on Scalingo
Valencia, Spain

The jewel in the crown for us is the new TCP Gateway add-on.


The Service To Increase Employee Satisfaction Hosted on Scalingo
Saarlouis, Germany

We really appreciate that Scalingo is deeply engaged in data protection compliance.


The Platform to Power On-demand Commerce Powered by Scalingo
Perth, Australia

When you combine price, performance, features, flexibility and support Scalingo is overall significantly better than the alternatives.


Organizing the daily life of more than 100.000 Austrian students
Graz, Austria

The customer support is overwhelming, and it is one of the few pure European hosting companies that support all the latest technologies.

Roskilde Festival

From 0 to 50GB MongoDB in 3 Days Without Breaking a Sweat (Almost)
Roskilde, Denmark

We had about 46.000 clients in total during 3 days sending data every 15 seconds while we scaled up to 10 XL containers relying on an 8G MongoDB database.