Elasticsearch hosting

Deploy Elasticsearch in less seconds than it takes to grab a coffee.
Fully managed, highly-available & production ready.

Elasticsearch on Scalingo

No server to manage, nor operating system, we take care of everything. Provision a database in seconds. Make yourself and your customers happy, concentrate on your real added value: the data you're storing!
Hosting, upgrading, scaling and managing your Elasticsearch database is a problem from the past.

What's included?

The Magic of the Cloud

Provision Elasticsearch clusters on-demand. Never think about machines and never install software. We give you the connection details, and you're good to go! The best of it: we bill by the minute.

The Power of Docker

Your Elasticsearch server is a dedicated process sealed in a Docker container in all of our plans. You can seamlessly switch between plans with ease in a few seconds, from the Sandbox plan to the Business 32G plan and all plans in between.

High Availability (HA)

All Business plans include a 3 nodes setup.


SSL connections and encrypted backups are included in all plans. Encrypted data at rest option available.

Optimal Elasticsearch Performance

Enjoy SSD-like performance on our SAN-backed and dedicated Elasticsearch processes on all of our plans.

Real time metrics, queries and logs

For easy monitoring and auditing, browse real time RAM/CPU statistics, queries and logs.


Everybody needs backups. We take care of them, daily.

Expert Care and Support

Get advice from our team of experts.


Popular Elasticsearch plugins like ingest-attachments (formerly mapper-attachments) are activable with just one click.

Pricing of Elasticsearch databases

Plan Backups RAM Disk space Nbr of nodes Price/month
Sandbox None 320MB 256MB Free 0.0
Starter 512M Daily 512MB 2.5GB 7.20 € 7.2
Starter 1G Daily 1GB 5GB 14.40 € 14.4
Starter 2G Daily 2GB 10GB 28.80 € 28.8
Business 512M Daily 512MB 5GB 31.25 € 31.25
Business 1G Daily 1GB 10GB 62.50 € 62.5
Business 2G Daily 2GB 20GB 125.00 € 125.0
Business 4G Daily 4GB 40GB 250.00 € 250.0
Business 8G Daily 8GB 80GB 500.00 € 500.0
Business 16G Daily 16GB 160GB 1000.00 € 1000.0
Business 32G Daily 32GB 320GB Contact us
Billing is done by the minute. Price displayed is computed for a total of 30 days. All plan include multiple users, backups and email support (except free plan). Price for over plan disk space: 2€/GB. For all your Elasticsearch specific needs, ask sales.

Need a plan not listed here?

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One platform
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With a single click, you can provision a highly performant database in the cloud. Scale seamlessly and instantly from sandbox instances to high memory instances.